• Age & Education
    19, 10th
  • Location
    Malti Village, Gaya District, BIHAR

RAHUL RAMAN comes from a poor and disadvantaged family in which nobody is even 5th pass. However, Rahul was a bright student from his childhood and enjoyed studying and one day dreamt of having a good government job. However, after qualifying for his 10th exam, Raman found it difficult to continue his studies due to his family’s adverse financial status. He had to leave his studies to help out and support his family through odd jobs here and there.

Rahul came to know about A4e’s SGSY -SP ‘Skills for work’ project through an NGO called Avidya Vimukti Sansthan, in his village. He was very much interested in learning the Hospitality course and decided to join A4e. The 3 months rigorous training in Waiter & Barman and soft skills boosted his confidence. He worked hard knowing a job at the end of the training could be a start of a new life for him and his family. Rahul is now working as a steward at the Bodh Gaya Gautam Hotel in Bodh Gaya and is drawing Rs. 4000 a month.


This is the story of Salma, an 18 year old girl from the Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand. Like all other girls of her age, Salma nurtures many dreams and aspirations in her eyes for a bright and successful future for herself and her family.

Salma however belongs to a family of nine members supported by only two working hands. Her father is a Rickshaw – puller. Needless to say, the earning from this is insufficient to meet their family needs. Hence as a part time affair, her father also sells toys for some extra income. In order to support the family, her mother also works as a house maid in various houses. The couple frantically struggle day in and day out to meet the family needs.

Being the youngest daughter and realizing her family conditions, Salma has a deep sense of responsibility within her which is unique for a girl of her age.

During her counseling session, when she visited the A4e centre, Salma showed extreme concern about her career and her responsibilities. She wanted a job to support her family in the best possible way. She was really surprised to know about A4e India’s free training to B.P.L. candidates and was absolutely determined that she had to avail this opportunity for free training and placement support from A4e India.

Through support and guidance from the A4e team, Salma chose the unconventional Retail sector for training, though most of her friends opted for the BSPA trade. The A4e team realized that her confidence and determination were best suited for this sector. Considering the fact that Salma belongs to an area with very high levels of illiteracy and insurgency, she was absolutely determined to work hard and find employment.

Salma has now successfully completed her training. She was one of the most confident and determined learners amongst her batch. She was and is extremely focused, dedicated and sincere towards her work and displayed a very positive attitude to learn right from the start.

Even during the placement interviews, Salma was the first girl ready to appear for outstation interviews. Today Salma Bano is working at S. K. Fabrics PVT. LTD, one of the very prestigious retail outlets in Ranchi, earning Rs. 3,500(supported with extra perks and incentives) and working with absolute zeal and enthusiasm.

Needless to say, Salma is a role model for all girls. She has defied all evident odds to actualize her dreams. Even though from a poor conservative family, Salma has demonstrated the confidence to relocate to Ranchi town, a totally new place, for her job.

Salma actualizes the saying “Where there is a will there is a way.” The entire A4e Hazaribagh family is extremely proud of Salma Bano.

“I am really thankful to A4e India for the opportunity to make me a part of their family. When I was at a total loss on how to go ahead with my life and future, A4e came to me as a blessing. I am thankful to the entire A4e team of Hazaribagh who helped me choose the right direction. They were and always will be my Friend, Philosopher and Guide. I cannot believe that I am actually earning now and the day I hand over my first salary to my parents will be the proudest moment of my life. I am very very happy. I can now request my mother to stop working as a house maid. She does not keep well and I want her to take rest and become better. My father always wanted his children to study and have a good future. Today he is very happy for me. I hope to work hard, learn more, do well and make my family proud”


“SALMA BANO has been working with us since the last few days. I find her extremely hardworking and also a very quick learner. Her best part is that she always tries to learn new things. She faced some difficulties initially but she never deterred and is now giving us the best of her potential. I am really happy with her work. She has a great sense of humor and tackles even difficult situations with great positivity and zeal. I am happy to have her work with me and I wish her all the best for her future.”


Managing Director

S. K. Fabrics PVT. LTD

Amanpreet Singh | Punjab

22- year-old Amanpreet Singh is a fine example of cheerfulness courage and determination in the face of persistent adversity.

Amanpreet lost his father when he was barely ten, which made it very difficult for her mother and siblings (all of whom were too young to work for a living). Amanpreet’s mother and elder brother were compelled to whatever little part-time jobs they could find, in order to make ends meet. Looking at their sorry plight, Amanpreet felt all the more miserable about his utter helplessness. Through all this tribulation however, his determination to study did not diminish, and he managed to go to school. Amanpreet was good at studies, and has recently appeared for his graduation exams.

One day Amanpreet came to know about a vocational training program called “Skills for Work” being organized in Muktsar by A4e, in association with the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. Hoping it might help him financially; he turned up at the center and related his family’s condition to the trainers. They assured him that the “Skills for Work” training would enable him to find a good placement in a reputed organization and carried out an ‘interest Inventory’ check on him. The results from it showed that it would be best for him to do a course in hospitality.

He was happy beyond words to get a course that he really loved to work in. He applied himself with diligence at the course and eagerly learnt all the elements that were taught in it – technical inputs (both classroom and practical), Individual Trainee Development Plan (ITDP), life skills, communicative English, exposure visits, guest lecturers etc.

Amanpreet passed out of the course with an impressive performance record and was immediately assisted by his trainers in finding a job at Hotel Madaan Continental, a three star property at Muktsar. The hotel owner was impressed with Amanpreet’s confident attitude and recruited him as F&B Executive with a starting salary of Rs. 5000 pm plus free food and accommodation.

Amanpreet is a truly happy man now, happy that he is able to support his family financially.

His mother is proud of her son, who continues to be modest and helpful to everyone. Thanks to him, his siblings can also look forward to a brighter future for themselves. He has also become a source of inspiration to others in his village.

Looking back on his struggle-filled life, Amanpreet says, “I had always wanted to help my poor mother in sustaining our family, but couldn’t figure out how. Before “Skills for Work” happened to me, I could see practically no way of improving our quality of life.

With moist eyes Amanpreet adds, A4e is indeed a big boon for poor people like us, living in remote, underprivileged areas. The atmosphere of interactive learning created by the dedicated trainers was amazing. I am particularly beholden to my hospitality trainer, Mr. Akshay Kumar, who not only trained and guided me so well, but was instrumental in getting my first job.

Employer’s Endorsement

“We always seek some special qualities in the manpower that we hire, and the kind of training these “Skills for Work” trainees get largely fulfills our expectations. What we look for is a positive attitude and a passionate zeal for work, and the A4e trainees meet these criteria quite well.”

- Gaurav Madaan

Proprietor, Hotel Madaan Continental, Muktsar (Punjab)

Minakshi Bhagwat Mundhe | MAHARASHTRA

  • Age & Education
    26, 10th
  • Location
    Satara Maharashtra

After her marriage in 2007, Minakshi was continuously tortured by her mentally ill husband and his family. She suffered in silence hoping that this was just a passing phase. But even after 6 months into her marriage, the torture and the abuse continued. Minakshi, fearing for her life, decided to run away from her husband’s house and now lives with her parents.

Minakshi comes from a poor impoverished family of 5. Minakshi’s parents are daily wage workers. They are getting old and somehow work their way through it all to earn enough and feed the family. Her brother is a truck driver who earns little in spite of his hard work and is hardly ever at home. The family therefore is barely able to make ends meet. Though educated only till her 10th standard, Minakshi was driven, wanted to stand on her own and help support not only herself but her parents.

With hardly any education or work experience, Minakshi wasn’t sure whether she would ever land a decent job. She was unsure of her future and had become demoralized. She wanted to work and help support her family but wasn’t sure how to go about it.

Minakshi heard about A4e’s ‘Skills for Work’ free training for BPL youths. She had nothing to lose and decided to enroll for the program. However after 3 months of training with in the ‘bedside assistant’ course, Minakshi is now working as a trainee at Sanjeevan, a super specialty hospital in Satara.

She is extremely happy and has now gained back her confidence and self esteem. She is grateful to A4e.

Mr. Narayan Khillo | Odisha


21 years


Khariguda, GP- Kendar, Block- Koraput (Koraput District)

Narayan is a typical village boy who has had only a few years of primary education residing with his parents and helping his farmer father till the lands. Like most of the people in their village, they find it difficult to support the family with the little income they get out of their farmer’s occupation. They all work very hard for their bread and butter every day. Narayan couldn’t really find any work in his remote village to support his father. Unable to find any meaningful employment, he was growing restless, confused and depressed.

When Narayan and his parents visited the A4e Centre staff after hearing about the free training program provided by them in Koraput, Duruguda for the BPL unemployed youths, he felt extremely encouraged. He sat with the A4e team there and listened patiently to the centre team brief him about the training and the opportunities available. Narayan opted for the hospitality course and worked hard during his training. As he did so well, A4e helped Narayan find employment with a popular local hotel as a steward. Narayan is very happy with his employment and more so because he can now support his family. His parents are elated and extremely proud of him.


“We are a very poor and simple family of 7 people including my father and mother. I am the 3rd eldest. Before A4e and the training, I wasn’t really doing anything and never gave employment a serious thought. I helped my father with the farming from time to time but it was not something I wanted to do or was interested in. We do not have any industries here and I never imagined I’d land up where I am today. I just assumed I’d remain poor and grow up to be a farmer like my dad. When I heard about A4e, I thought it to be yet another false promise for employment. There have been many in these regions.

When I went to A4e, I was given a free meal of Rice, Dal and Vegetables. I admit this was the reason for me to visit the centre in the first place. Most days it is difficult to find a meal twice in the day. I visited the centre for the next 3 days, happy that I was getting a free meal for just being there.

However, I began to notice a lot of ‘official’ looking people talking and meeting many youths like me. We were introduced to the A4e centre team who in turn introduced us to some recruiters. They told us about the kind of jobs available in the market for youths like us and how the training would help us find meaningful employment and the various other career opportunities available. The A4e team counselled us on how they could help us help ourselves. But I wasn’t really convinced and still had some nagging doubts. All this changed when out of the blue, the A4e staff came to my house, sat with me and my family and shared their experiences, the free training and how they would try to help me find a job and help support my family.

I started the training, opting for the hospitality training and thus started my learning experience. The 40 day training changed my entire life as well as my families. My parents never imagined I would one day wear a uniform and find employment as early as I have. I am now working with a popular hotel here a steward and earn Rs 3500/- with food and accommodation provided to me by my employers. I am proud of myself and very happy. I never imagined 3 months back that I would be where I am today.

Thank you A4e for changing my life and for opening doors to opportunities I never knew existed outside the life I was living. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and work. I hope others like me follow the path I chose and I wish the best of luck to all the other learners. “

Mela Ram | Rajasthan

  • Education
    11th pass
  • Age
    19 years
  • Village
    Kiwarli , Abu Road

Life before the training

Mela Ram, an 11th pass student from Kiwarli village had worked with a marble processing unit. In the marble unit he used to pack the marble powder in racks and got Rs15 for packing 50 bags of powder. Gradually the powder started accumulating in his lungs affecting his breathing and thus his health. Every day he used to pack 200 bags and earn only Rs 60 after strenuous and hard day’s work. He somehow wanted to change his fate and future but could not find any avenues or ways to escape the cruel circumstances….

At home, only his father earned a meager livelihood by working as security guard. The parents were illiterate and had sent him to school with high hopes. However he dropped out of school because of family’s economic condition. He was dissatisfied and disillusioned with his life. One day his father came to know about a4eIndia’s SGSY-SP project. He called at the centre. The a4e centre staff went to his village and informed them about the project and the courses. They counseled his parents and registered his name for the training.

Life at a4e training centre

At the centre he was enrolled for retail course after assessment of his needs , interest and aptitude. The entire staff at a4eIndia was very supportive and encouraging. He was regular, keen to learn and took interest in assimilating the technical skills related to retail.

The field visits, guest interactions from the industry helped him capture the knowledge and skills of the trade .On the other hand, the soft skills classes fostered his confidence and communication skills . It imbibed a sense of pride and enhanced his self esteem. He also got nutritious meals and commuting expenses.

He became optimistic that perhaps his life would change……

After the training

Deepak is now working as ‘Assistant Customer Service Associate’ at WellDone Wear, a big local apparel cum export house. He was also offered a job by Big Bazaar Udaipur for a salary of Rs 4,600 but his parents declined to send him out of Abu Road.

He is earning Rs 4,000 and has also got accommodation facility since his village is far away. He is working hard and aspires of making it big in the retail sector. Now he does not hesitate to speak his mind.

“I learnt a lot at a4e centre. The entire staff was very supportive. . I have become confident and assertive now. I have become aware of the new developments and progress in different sectors. It seems I have become a part of this growth. I am on cloud nine these days. I am earning a good living. I work in the air conditioned showroom and deal with the customers. My employer is very happy with me and has assured that she will arrange for my uniform also.”

"Gone are the days when I struggled with marble powder and ill health for a meager earning. I thank a4e India and its staff for making my life more meaningful and giving me a sense of direction.”